Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pooping and peeing update

This morning we took off his wet diaper and let him run around until he at least peed in the potty.

This is fairly standard, normal procedure these days.

We ask him if he has to make poops and he always says no. But of course most of the time he does have to poop in the morning. It's just a matter of being proactive and having an eye on him during that inevitable time.

He continues to pee into the potty fairly regularly. If he is wearing no pants or diapers.

The pooping is a hit-and-miss situation.

Although he pooped in the potty before...

So anyway, I go about my morning, as does daddy, and Benjamin is running around with his bare bottom.

At one point, he approaches me and says "I made poops on soor". (He can't seem to say floor)

I walk into the kitchen and notice several things:

  • a big pile of poop near his chair
  • a somewhat ripped piece of paper towel next to it
  • a smaller pile of poop a little further away toward the hallway
  • a yet smaller pile of poop close to the potty which is in the hallway opposite the bathroom door
  • and several smears of poop along the potty

He seemed a little perplexed when he told me about "poops on the soor".

I however, despite the mess, encouraged him and praised him for at least trying to make it to the potty, and on top of it all, try to clean up the mess himself (papertowel!!) before even telling me about it.

What a smart boy!

I'm not sure how he felt about the poops on the floor though. We talked a bit about where the poops go (in the potty mommy!) and despite my efforts to praise him for trying, he did harp a bit on the fact that most of the poops were not in the potty.

We had a little shower to wash off the smears on his legs and bum, put on a diaper, empty the pee out of the potty (that part worked fine!), and then we cleaned up the mess together (well, sort of, I did most of the work).

So how am I supposed to analyze this? Is this progress?

* * *

A few days ago I decided to get back into the whole Curious George underwear thing. It was summery and we were outside, and I figured if he pees through the clothes, at least there won't be much to clean up.

He did pee. He just can't seem to figure out that when he wears something on his bottom, and feels the urge to go, he has to either say something or go to the potty and pull the pants down.

I only noticed the wet spot when I wanted to move the car a couple of meters back on the driveway. Ben, being car-crazy, wanted to sit in the seat next to me while I backed up, which I only allow while moving the car within the limits of the driveway.

Scott, our mason, and I noticed that he was all wet. I said "What happened? You're all wet?"

He said "I peed on Curious George".

So he KNOWS that he did it. I wonder if he KNEW he was about to do it though...


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