Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Positive karma

I'm TRYING to stay positive. Really I am. But it's not easy.

So here I'm going to attempt to rationalize my complaints in a different way, instead if just listing the issues:

- no activity in basement renos
+ but the mason showed up in late afternoon, after his union-job, to continue with the steps

- contractor/friend called to ask what the scoop is about the basement while not coming to work on some of the simple things that could have been done
+ contractor/friend shows up at 8 pm with the electrician to get an update from hubby, promises to be around next week

- no duct work is confirmed
+ hubby took morning off on Friday to meet yet another guy who will come to move the gas line and discuss our wish list re the ducts/vents etc

- hubby is still working long days and continues working when he gets home
+ hubby made attempt to not only be home for dinner yesterday, but he stopped off at the butcher to pick up meat, AND did all the dishes after supper on his own accord

- baby in womb is still hickupping regularly, causing me insomnia between 3 and 5 am.
+ I'm beginning to feel a bit more excited about the reality of this baby being born in less than a month

- toilet training the toddler is an on-again/off-again saga
+ he makes an effort which is all I can ask

- my friend's baby was born recently but swallowed some meconium which was in the amniotic fluid, which ended him up in the intensive care for a little while
+ my friend's baby was born, one week overdue, which means both our second babies will be less than a month apart in age!

So how's that for a start?

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