Friday, September 21, 2007

Good, better....getting better...

Pooping has come to a complete halt. That is, unless it ends up in the diaper. AND, he then wants to flush the poops down the toilet. AND, before the flushing happens, he wants to PEE in the potty and then have ME pour it in the toilet so he can flush AGAIN.

He is absolutely terrified of pooping in the potty. Doesn't matter that he's done it before.

Rationalizing that the poops end up in the toilet whether he makes it in the toilet, the potty or the diaper is completely irrelevant to him.

So we let him poop in the diaper.

At least he allows us to watch again.


There was a guy in my basement yesterday. He was supposed to come today when hubby specifically booked the morning off. Took a bit of panic about what was said to whom and why he's coming now instead of when it was scheduled, but at least the guy came and moved the gas pipe.

Hubby also manages to show up prior to the basement guy leaving. They talked, and MORE progress happened. We now have a hole in our livingroom floor where the new vent/duct will go.
See it? between the randomly placed pieces of furniture that WILL EVENTUALLY end up in the basement?

Trust me, this is progress.

AND, today, another guy is coming to move the AC unit outside away from underneath the porch to the side of the house. That is, his boss said he was coming. He's not here yet, but he will come, dammit.

AND, Bob is coming all next week to put walls up. AND, a couple of other guys are coming to finish the duct work downstairs that yesterday's guy started.

Could this be happening? Am I dreaming? Will the bulk of the dirty, dusty work be done prior to the baby's arrival?

Sure would be nice.


Took my crockpot out. I LOVE MY CROCKPOT! It's so easy, what with all the interruptions and toddler not napping and the dog freaking out at every noise coming out of the basement and what not. I stick the food in, I turn it on, and I forgetaboutit.

Made enough spaghetti sauce to freeze two jars for afterbabytime AND have enough for supper for all three of us.


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