Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No more junk mail or flyers

Yes, that is the note I have placed on the mailbox.

I hope the mail person respects my wish and does not drop off the crap she has to carry around with her on a regular basis.

Like today. The mailbox contained two preordered magazines (Today's Parent and Harrowsmith Countrylife), one flyer (Mark's Work Warehouse), a quarterly newsletter by a local real estate person, and about six or seven pieces of junkmail which I barely glanced at.

The only thing I really looked at was the two magazines, and the flyer and newsletter. But if I had not received the flyer or newsletter I would not have missed it. The Mark's flyer sometimes shows up with a newspaper (duplicate) and the newsletter by the real estate person is nice and well done, but I have her website and can visit the identical information anytime I want without generating more paper-garbage.

I'm overwhelmed by the sheer amount of paper that has accumulated in our livingroom:
  • receipts, some as old as 2003
  • notes, from personal ones to phone numbers to messages taken by someone
  • printed stuff from the computer that was once used but now either needs filing or chucking out
  • flyers, some duplicates
  • paperwork generated by hubby's new job
  • paperwork generated by hospital for impending birth
  • bills, paid and unpaid ones (most of our bills are now electronic, but not all)
  • papers in binders, mostly for hubby's job
  • newsletters and forms from the daycare
  • old pay stubs
  • newspapers (daily National Post, semi-weekly local Gardian)
  • clippings of recipes or articles I saved for some reason or another

Given that the filing cabinet had to be moved during the renos downstairs, I have a pile of crap that needs filing up here in the livingroom. It gives me hives to see it grow. And misplaced. And blown about by the wind coming in from the window.

So enter the shredder. This is my big plan for this afternoon: shred stuff. Get rid of it. Out of my sight.

And hopefully I won't get any more junk delivered by Canada Post personnel.

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