Monday, September 10, 2007

Rearranging furniture and associated dilemmas

I measured the crib today. And the dresser that fuctions as both storage for kid(s) clothes and diapers and change table.

Benjamin accompanied me to the basement to measure the crib where we are currently storing it, amongst all the construction down there. He has his own measuring tape. Afterwards, he imitated me as I used painter's tape to mark down where I want to place stuff up in his room.

The kids will have to share the only other bedroom in the house. Since that room presently functions as both Ben's bedroom and playroom, I would like to have minimal disruption to this arrangement. Meaning that when the crib goes back in there, I would still like for him to have access to some of this stuff that he uses fairly regularly (as during naptime when he doesn't nap). Like books, cars, some other toys. Keeping it organized and clutter free will be the challenge.

Hopefully people will respect my wishes to not bring the baby, or the toddler, any more stuffed toys. I may have to shove those up their uknowhats if they do...

Theoretically, it should work. If I keep decluttering, getting rid of outgrown things quickly, focusing on cleaning up before taking out more stuff...seems a prevalant theme in the MomBlogWorld out there.

Trying to keep it together is going to be interesting considering that the basement is nowhere near complete.

I'm sick of complaining about this. So I will stop here. For now.

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