Monday, September 17, 2007


I'm confused.

I thought that when the furnace guy was here, he said that we could move the ducts closer to the beam. That was one of the options.

Apparently I misunderstood.

Hubby spoke to the guy on the phone today and now the Wed-Fri work is no longer happening. Since what they spoke about is different from what I thought I understood.

Now the only thing that's happening is that the gas line will be moved.

We were supposed to have a whole shitload of other stuff happen, like a new vent, a plugged vent to accommodate a new built-in dishwasher, and the consolidation of the rest of the duct work.

I don't understand why nothing is happening.

I don't understand what has changed.

I don't understand why I have to talk to people and make decisions if they just get changed later.

I refuse to deal with any renos anymore. The baby is due in less than a month and I'm simply not in the mood.

* * *

And while we're on the subject of confusion, I made granola today. Used what looked like a fairly simple recipe from a Parenting magazine.

The granola tastes ok, but it looks crumbly, and doesn't stick properly.

Not sure what the problem was. Not enough honey maybe?

Will have to try again.

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