Wednesday, September 19, 2007


He whined and absolutely insisted on a diaper this morning. Especially after I took the soaking wet one off.

Then he hid behind the doorframe, while I lay in bed with my first cup of coffee, and peeked around the corner every few seconds to see if I'm watching.

He was pooping.
Into the diaper.
He insisted.On.Wearing.

Trust me, I tried. I offered him a Smartie if he peed in the potty. Peeing doesn't seem to be the issue. Although it was one today. He ate the Smartie and didn't pee in the potty.

So I showed him the other Smartie and said that he could have it after he made poops in the potty.

No poops.

So I put the Smartie on the shelf, and he wandered around whining.

Insisted on having the green Smartie.

I stayed firm and said no.

He then wanted me to put it in a little bowl, which I did.

The single Smartie in the bowl went on the shelf. Where it will remain for now.

Perhaps he's traumatized from the trail of poops that happened yesterday?


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