Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Too hot to do anything

Really. Getting a few cherry tomatos from the garden with the tot in tow, carrying his little basket, was enough to send me back inside. And I like summer! But I can't bear it today...been up since 3 am. The baby is a ferocious kicker and had no intensions of slowing down it seems. Sign of things to come??

Good thing my toddler is a good kid...

* * *

So I harvested my second zucchini. Two the size of bats. Ok, I thought, we'll have some zucchini cake. Make them into little muffins so we can enjoy them from the freezer in the months to come. little swiss recipe asked for 300 g of shredded zucchini. 300 g is the approximately equivalent of about a cup or so. Got a lotta zucchini left now...

* * *

The basement is stalled. Electrician hasn't come. Furnace guys haven't come. We're heading into a long weekend...hubby has been playing with his new heavy-duty shredder. His plan is to lighten the useless paper in the 4-drawer file cabinet in the basement to ease its move while we tear out the other side down there...currently he's napping. So much for that. He's got one more day off before going back to work...don't see much progress happening down there between now and then. Hm.

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