Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pregnancy ramble

Went to hospital today for the glucose test.
Having had issues with low blood sugar for most of my adult life, I know I do not have gestational diabetes.
Must have the test anyway.
Drink the drink and sit for an hour.
Am soooo not impressed with the blood lab at hospital.
They got confused.
Mixed up names.
Forgot times.
Finally got blood taken after 1 hour wait (actually, it was more 1 hour 10 min because they confused me with someone else).
After displaying ALL my paperwork and ALL my various health and hospital cards numerous times, confusion about patient's name (me) still abounds.
Had to be extra alert, which isn't my thing after only one cup of coffee and a drink full of glucose, to make sure my name appeared on the blood vials.
Finally left blood lab.
Went to Tim's.
Had a coffee and a sugary doghnut.
Didn't enjoy it much.
Went back upstairs at prescribed time (1 hour later) to get Rhogam shot.
Sit and wait.
Wait some more.
Hear the guy speak to the blood lab that "it's been 30, then 20 minutes, put a hussle on it".
Wait a little more.
Get up and start walking around.
Read useless advertisement.
Pee again, not because I really have to, although I always have to, just to kill some time.
At almost lunchtime, we (hubby accompanied me) had been at that hospital for nearly 4 hours. Entire procedure (diabetes test and rhogam) should have taken less than 2 hours.
Finally get called.
Nurse comes in and asks why the long look.
Tell her we'd been here for 4 hours to get a 20 second shot.
She asks us about lunch.
We ask her what she recommends.
She recommends cool street with fantastic restaurants within walking distance to hospital.
She administers shot in my butt.
We leave.
Got to authentic Mexican Restaurant.
Eat fast, very good lunch.
Go shopping at MEC.
Go home.
Read a blog or two.
Listen to hubby rant about possible rain and help him get laundry inside.
Listen to hubby rant some more about mess in basement.
Send him out with the dog.
Feel like having a nice, cool, alcoholic drink that will lull me to sleep before toddler arrives back home from grandparents.
Have tall glass of soda water with lemon and ice instead.

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