Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Today, the stone mason showed up, without notice, to measure our crumbling front porch. Sign of things to come in terms of basement progress?

Today, the tot decides to not only nap, but has done so an hour prior to the normally scheduled naptime, and he is still napping several hours later. Goes to show that he DOES still need those naps. Darned kid.

Course, he and I were up for how many hours last night tossing and turning and whining and squirming? Can't remember...too tired.

Had a powernap myself and feel less tired than I did this morning.

Tomorrow is hubby's second interview.

Friday we leave for luxurious cottage in Haliburton for 4 days.

Bought a new air mattress for child to use at luxurious cottage today. Paid 50 cents because the rest was covered by money on Mastercard. LOVE Canadian Tire Mastercard!

No action on basement what.so.ever.

Almost 8 months pregnant. Getting a little fed up with that...

Oct. 15 c-section date still a go after panicky phonecall to OB to get explanation about my 3 possible due dates. Feel less panicky now.

Grandmother back at her home in Switzerland after two strokes. She is anxiously awaiting my mother's arrival in mid September.


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