Friday, August 17, 2007

My child is amazing

Warning: some serious bragging about to take place!

I am amazed beyond belief these days.

After the potty training (pooping) has regressed and caused me to feel a little bit disappointed, he one morning decides, while playing bare-bottomed in his room, to simply walk to his potty and poop in it.

He has NEVER pooped anywhere except the diaper and accidentally on the floor once or twice.

Today, again, he's walking around with no pants on. In the midst of playing, he walks to the potty and pees in it.

Just. Like. That.

So - pressure is off. If he wants pants on, diapers on, they go on without question. If he doesn't ask, I don't push.

Maybe we're on our way....

THEN, today, he dumps his round box full of wodden blocks on the floor and plays for a while. He invites me to play, so I do for a bit.

After a while, I tell him that I have to go make supper and leave him to play on his own.

At some point, out of the corner of my eye I notice he's playing with some lego. In the remote corner of my still partially functioning brain, I think to myself "that'll require some crawling around later to clean up all the pieces", referring to not just the lego, but also the wooden blocks.

A few minutes later he comes to me and asks for help to attach some wheels to some contraption he made.

(Everything requires wheels in his world).

I go into his room, sit down on the mat with him, and notice the COMPLETE ABSENCE OF WOODEN BLOCKS.

He put all his blocks away into the correct container, placed the container onto its rightful spot on the shelf, and only then took out the blue bin with the lego.

Completely on his own accord. Just like the pooping the other day.

We had lots of hugs and happy happy today, what with the peeing and the putting stuff away on his own.

What a smart boy!

(Considering he didn't nap at all today for the third day in a row, this is nothing short of a minor miracle!)

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Miche said...

Definitely brag-worthy events!