Friday, August 10, 2007

Cutting paper - homeschooling 101

What exactly is it with scissors and toddlers?

I specifically bought my two year old some safety scissors so he can learn to manipulate them at will.

He's left-handed. They are plastic and don't fit right. He uses both hands and guess what, the scissors don't really cut. Which is probably the whole point.

So yesterday, as we were waiting for one of the planned visitors to show up, I gave him a small pair of the real scissors, and a flyer from the recycle bin, and showed him how to cut paper.

Delivered a little lecture too:

These scissors are only available to you when mommy is here.
Scissors only cut THIS paper.
Do not walk/run/play with the scissors.

He took them into both hands, and after a couple of trial and errors, he managed to make a nice, clean cut into the flyer. Right through the model's face.

The pride in his face, and the little giggle that followed, was priceless!

We cut paper for half an hour.

Then we put the scissors in a safe spot and the bits of paper in the recycle bin.

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