Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The saga continues

Electrical, insulation and vapour barrier on most walls = DONE!

The renos are continuing. Our friend has done as much as he can but is now stalled until two things happen:

1. the furnace guys need to move some ducts and the gas line so we can proceed with the insulating , ceiling electricals, and drywalling

2. the electrician has to finish up the last little bit of wiring (mostly 3- and 4-way switches)

So while we wait for them to show up, which they keep promising they will and then they don't, we can do one of two things:

1. wait and do nothing else

2. start tearing out the other side of the basement

I can't help much, especially lately. Having now entered the 7th month with this pregnancy, and experiencing some rather uncomfortable discomforts, I tend to have to spend a lot of time lying down with my legs elevated. I don't really need a premie in my life right now....

So...the saga continues.

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