Monday, July 16, 2007

Day 1 - Naked basement

Panels, ceiling, crap from basement...

The raised area next to the dresser is where the old oil tank used to be (before our time). It used to have panels around it, and we used to store our wine there.

This is the middle section that could turn into closet space, or a fire place...the indented area is due to the bay window upstairs. This wall faces the front of the house. Behind the lamp in this picture (on the right) is a storage room. It used to have a door on there. The storage is actually directly underneath our front steps. We have to do something creative with it because it is the only area in the entire basement that has mold (due to water leakage from the steps in the winter time). But it's a big enough place to function as a great storage room for things like fishing gear, camping gear, outdoor seasonal toys, stuff like that. Duct work hanging off the middle of the ceiling is just lovely, isn't it.

This is the side facing the driveway, and the electrical panel with room to spare is on that wall too.

That window faces our other neighbour, and her driveway. The drywall (the back of it) leads to the office/bedroom near the back of the hosue. It has a raised floor which will come out once this side has been done. More ducts hanging everywhere, lovely isn't it.

The junk and closet you see in this picture leads to a space below the steps that lead upstairs. It is useless space. You can't do anything with this space bec the furnace takes up room and can't be blocked in case of maintenance requirements. So, the steps are behind the wall to the left and lead first to the side door (driveway), then to the right upstairs into the hallway. See how the furnace is right next to the freezer there? Right in the middle of the entire basement? Duh. It's moving to someplace against a wall. Along with the ducts, and the white gas line. And that black pole? Is that holding up the kitchen floor? I don't know what it is for.

The rest of the basement isn't photographable bec of the mess. There is a laundryroom with a toilet direclty ahead of the last picture, a spacious, bright office and bedroom combination to the right of it. The water tank in the laundryroom is in the middle of the room as well and if we take it out (to insulate the wall behind it) we may find a new spot for it to give us more room (and hopefully closet space).

Did I mention we need closet space?

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