Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Toilet training updates Part I

This morning, he's walking around with no pants on.

I ask him to make poops in the potty or toilet.

He doesn't.


At all.

Whether in the diaper or anywhere else.


He announces "pipi is coming" and runs to the potty and pees in it.

He's been doing this for a while. Months.

But usually only if he doesn't wear any pants.

He doesn't go to the potty when he's wearing diapers or pull-ups unless I tell him to go, and then he does.

Point is he should go before the pipi comes out. Regardless of what type of contraption he's wearing around his bottom.

Reason why today is memorable is because I moved the potty in front of Curious George this morning at 8 am.


I let him watch tv at 8 am.

So sue me.

I'm trying to catch the poops in the potty.

He even picked out some Curious George underwear yesterday at Zellers.

We'll try those as soon as they're laundered.

We're on our way. Continued with Part II here.

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