Friday, July 27, 2007

Reading labels

I take my little toddler to the newly renovated Toys R Us this morning. We see the whole Thomas the Tank Engine set up and I thought I'll buy him a new train for his wooden train set.

We select Gordon with a trailer and pick up a video as well (VHS).

We get home and unpack Gordon.

Gordon doesn't fit on the wooden train tracks.

The package has a little blurb on the back, which I neglected to read. It says:

Not compatible with Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway or Erti Diecast.

So we're back to reading labels.

I have issues with labels.

We are living in a society of label-readers.

- No food should be purchased without the reading of labels. (Never mind teaching people to eat whole foods)
- No food should be consumed without the memorization of nutritional information. (Never mind about the additives and flavour enhancers)
- Apparently, no toys should be bought without reading the compatibility disclaimer.

I could rant, but I have to go back to Toys R Us and return Gordon.

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