Thursday, February 15, 2007

Traffic in -30° C Windchill

The weather this morning was beautiful, sunny, crip, and very, very cold. There is TONNES of snow everywhere.

Because of all the snow, slush, salt and debris everywhere, the streetcars were getting stuck on the tracks all over the place. The same thing was happening yesterday while it was snowing, and at one point there were several streetcars sitting empty at a major crosswalk by a community college, waiting for buses to take over.

Considering this was happening already yesterday, I wonder why they didn't automatically switch to buses today.

The drive to Benjamin's daycare takes, on average, 7 minutes.

Today, the way back took over 20 minutes. Abandoned streetcars, idling cars, and moutains of snowbanks really hampered the smooth flow of traffic.

Stupid chick yapping on cellphone nearly smashed into me in her frustration to cut across two lanes.

Another idiot (woman in SUV) ran a stop sign and dared to honk at me when she almost smashed into me. Didn't see if she was yapping on a phone too, but I would bet she was.

Morons shouldn't be allowed to drive at all.

Black line on map is the regular route home.
Orange line the route I had to take today.

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