Thursday, February 22, 2007

Annoyed continued

Canada Post is trying to help me out here. They really are. But frankly, I'm getting tired of them contacting me to provide them with more information.

If I knew the exact address of the postal outlet that provided the insufficient postage, I would have indicated it on their online form. Instead, I gave them the name of the Drug Store and the street it's located on. Also the name of my pre-algamated neighbourhood of Toronto called New Toronto. New Toronto is nestled between Mimico to the east and Long Branch to the west. It's not big. It's walking distance for crying out loud. AND, there are only two Shoppers Drug Marts on Lakeshore in my neighbourhood. And only one of them has a postal outlet.

But they are "very sorry" that they do not have the correct address including postal code. Until I provide them with this information they can't proceed with their investigation.

Look. The chick gave me insufficient postage. It's not the end of the world, just an inconvenience. The digital scale at the postal outlet and the high-and-mighty-one at the main post office don't match each other. Big Whoop. Welcome to the electronic's age.

But now, they want ME to pull out the Yellow Pages, or call the Drug Store, to get them information they have access to at their fingertips. Ever heard of Google Maps? If you don't like Google, you can go to Yahoo Maps. Or contact Bell or something.

But no. They want ME to do it.

After I've been inconvenienced already.

(I do realize that the time it took me to write this post I could have done their job and researched the exact address and postal code, pulled up the online form, emailed them the information, and hoped for the best. But then I would have wanted a paycheck from this Crown Corporation for doing someone else's job. One that would have never come. And besides, I prefer ranting about this than researching an address.)

And since I am rating...

There was a guy in a little sidewalk snowplow/salter thing speeding down my street today at about the same time I was getting ready to take the child and the dog out for a walk. He was salting the sidewalk.

Of course, the sidewalk was completely clear of snow, ice or any other debris. All the snow from this morning had melted and washed away. The sidewalk was however littered with recycling boxes which the recycling guys carelessly tossed every which way. Into the street, onto the sidewalks, into flowerbeds (ok, there's only snow there, but still), and into driveways. My next door neighbour was just trying to access her driveway when she realized she had to leave the car sitting in the middle of the street, get out, move the boxes aside, get back into the car, and drive into her driveway. People walking their babies in strollers, they were walking on the street. No room on the sidewalks.

Anyway, my maniac guy in the salter was driving over my green bin. This greenbin is a City of Toronto thing where we can compost food waste.

The jerk drove over it right in front of me, and when I started yelling, he glanced at me and continued speeding down the road. He was in some kind of hurry to melt the nonexistant ice and snow on the sidewalk.

He cracked the lid on my green bin.

Which means that now, if I put the food items in there, it will attract wildlife.

I had wildlife in my garage twice this past year. Cute, fat racoon families. They like the green bin. I'm not particularly happy about having racoons take up residence on my property.

As I'm yelling at the guy to stop speeding, in front of my child and my dog, I see him turn around and cross the street toward the other side. He proceeds to speed northbound now, dragging along my neighbour's greenbin up at least three or four houses. I continue yelling at the guy to STOP before he causes some real damage, but he just sped off.


When the neigbour from across the street came out a little later, she asked me if I saw the recycling guys damage her greenbin. She found her bin up the street but it had it's lid missing.

I told her it was only partially the recycling people's fault.

To make myself feel better I wrote a very professional email titled "monumental waste of taxpayer's money" addressed to the greenbin people, my councillor, the mayor, and to the recycling people. I wanted to know why they were spraying salt on clean, dry sidewalks, why their driver was a maniac, why the recycling people can't get it together with the empty bins, and why they were wasting my money.
If I get a response I may post it.


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