Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kibble and poop

The first time I came across the idea that baby poop wasn't always squishy was while 8 months pregnant and reading Ann Lamott's Operating Instructions.

At one point she recounts how she chased after the little pebbles of poop (or whatever she called them) because they rolled out of the diaper and onto the floor.

I found this fascinating, horrifying and very weird.

Tonight, I was tidying up random toys and clothes just before bedtime when I came across a dog kibble on the dresser/change table.

I remember wondering how the it got up there. Yes, Benjamin helps to feed the dog, but he can't reach that far up yet.

Did he throw it up there?

I picked it up and realized that it feels too soft for dog kibble.

It's a piece of poop.

Which rolled out of the diaper earlier when hubby changed him.

Hubby is killing himself laughing at my disgust but then chases me to the bathroom with the liquid soap. God forbit I would touch the regular soap with my poopy hands.

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