Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow AKA never stop shoveling

There is SNOW everywhere! It snowed overnight and it's still snowing. And we haven't hit lunchtime yet.

Had to shovel prior to dropoff at daycare.
Had to shovel after coming back from dropoff at daycare.
Had to shovel to get the second car free for hubby so he can go to work.
Had to shovel the neighbour's driveway and walkway (well, didn't HAVE to but she's 86).
Had to shovel before taking the dog for a SHORT spin.
Had to shovel when I got back from taking the dog for a spin.
Had to shovel the back porch so I can let the dog out without taking him for another spin.
Then I had to start all over again.



Melissa R. Garrett said...

I hear ya!!

Miche said...

Hopefully, we're done shovelling for the next few days!