Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Toddler crisis

Everything was a crisis today.

Getting dressed to go out - I placed the wrong hat on him.

WANT TYLER HAT! (Tyler is a kid in his daycare. His hat is the same colour, but that's where the resemblence ends. Don't ask.)

Putting his boots on his feet - I made him sit on the floor when he prefers a different place.


Placing the hood on his head - it was -13°C outside for crying out loud.


Trying to get him to sit or stand out of the way so I can get my boots and jacket on...


Letting him out the door to go down the steps toward the stroller ...


As I'm carrying him...

NUGGI BELLO!!! (that would be the pacifier and his stuffed dog)

The entire afternoon went like this. A similar scene played out on the way back from the library which was supposed to relax him since he just wouldn't nap. Going there was fine, coming back went from bad to worse. Let's just say that three hours later, when daddy came home, all our wet clothes and boots were still piled on the floor in front of the door.

I did managed to give him his bath prior to dinner. And he did eat some dinner while I was still cooking the remaining dinner. Usually he eats with us, but the whining was getting on my nerves fast so I placed a few goldfish crackers, a few cherry tomatos and some leftover spaghetti in front of him, which he mostly ate.

He finally fell asleep in front of a video (WANNA WATCH A VIDEOOOO!) at 6:30 pm.

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DaniGirl said...

The flickr badge looks great - such cute photos!!!