Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Technological procrastination

When I procrastinate I almost always end up on the computer. Doesn't matter what time of day or night it is. If I feel like procrastinating, an internet connection is all I need.

This is what happens:

Almost every day I log onto the computer, sign into the Yahoo Messenger system, and make myself appear "busy".

Then I go about my day. I may check email occasionally or see if someone is on the IM to chat with.

Often I drop by a favorite blogger to see what they're up to:

  • Sometimes that inspires me to do any number of things, which contributes to my productivity
  • Sometimes I simply get annoyed that there is so much stupidity out there
  • Sometimes I laugh
  • Sometimes I feel like crying
  • Sometimes I get depressed

For example, I may visit a blog that talks about the importance of teaching our children about healthy body image. At the same time another blogger whose picture looks perfectly normal to me claims that they are fat. She proceeds to rant and rave about some sweet that is beckoning her and she admits to all kinds of unhealthy food choices to counter the effects of the sweet she ended up devouring. Pass the processed crap as long as it says lite or low fat on it and doesn't surpass 4 points. Or whatever. Same chick has a tiny female child who is no doubt listening and learning all these bad habits.

On the other hand, I may get so inspired by a craft idea by a fellow blogger that I cannot get my mind off it and spend hours of endless fun making stuff.

Sometimes I write a blog full of procrastinating blugger like this which no one will read. And even if they do, they won't leave a comment to agree or disagree with me. But at least I feel like I've been proactive in my productivity. At least I WROTE something.

I made up the word blugger. I was going to say blubber but that means something else. I like the effect this word has so it stays.

My ultimate reason for bluggering right now is because I'm pissed off that my query letter I wrote a couple of days ago has L.E.F.T. this computer and now I have to start from scratch.


Nothing like a blog post to help get that writing feeling back.


Sheila said...

I did so read your blog. Directed here via Andrea's blog from the fishbowl. And here's a comment for you. I so get your technological procrastination, which is what I am doing right now. I'm way past dealing with a toddler stage ... to dealing with a teen who is very excited to soon be of legal drinking age in Ontario. The worry continues ...

CL said...

Hi Sheila, nice of you to drop by! They say that teens and toddlers have more in common than not....

Hope to see you again!