Thursday, January 04, 2007

Busy new year - To do list part I

I haven't posted on this blog because I've been busy doing stuff.

I have been writing "in my head" and have found (one of) my elusive notebooks and started making notes again. I have a million ideas, but just no freakin' time!

In order of priorities this is what must happen today:

  1. Find the Excel CD so he can install it on his computer for his two courses he's taking and not steal my laptop all the time.
  2. Get my hair cut
  3. Continue with the basement cleaning and look for the flippin' CD down there
  4. Plus do the usual daily cooking/eating/cleaning-up toddler routine.
It is amazing how much stuff accumulates when one has kids. Or when the mailman drops off all this useless junk.

The boxes the diapers come in are great for storing baby stuff he's outgrown or doesn't play with anymore. I have 5 going on 20.....neatly labeled and everything.

I feel blah.

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