Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bread - attempt number 2

After my first attempt at baking my own bread a couple of days ago, I am trying again. Same flour, but instead of the quick rise yeast I'm using the normal one. And, I'm following the recipe on the flour bag, rather than the one in a book.

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Well. The homestyle white dough is rising as I type this.

Before rising ...

After rising.

Hm...the bread is now doing its second rising, in the designated pans. I had to punch it down first...that was kind of fun...

Before second rising...

Stay tuned.

psss...I just peaked into the oven window....there seems to be some rising happening again....a little bump is visible through the tea towel....shhh, don't disturb my bread. Thankfully the little sickie is napping....

Well, the bread turned out yummy! I'm too tired to download the photos today but will post them tomorrow.

Benjamin saw them cooling on a rack on the kitchen table, climbed up on a chair, picked up a loaf and said


He had some for supper with


Can't wait to get a nice multigrain done next...or maybe a rye or sourdough...

Next day: I'm not any less tired than yesterday but did have an opportunity to download some photos, among other tasks. Why I'm not napping now while he's napping, I don't know. Tried, but couldn't shut the brain off...

Bread pictures: Here they are.....SUCCESS!

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