Friday, January 19, 2007

50 events that happened to me this morning

  1. Toddler wakes up at 4.
  2. Crying for no apparent reason.
  3. Take him to bed with me for another couple of hours of much needed sleep.
  4. Husband leaves for his day and forces us to wake up and get the morning started.
  5. Start morning.
  6. Realise I lost keys. Probably did this but can't remember. Previously blogged about it at length here.
  7. Car's wipers don't work. Other car at airport with husband.
  8. It's snowing.
  9. Daycare starts at 8:30 am.
  10. Found backup key for car.
  11. Snowing slows down. No accumulation.
  12. Leave door unlocked, tell Rusty to guard the house (ha) and leave.
  13. Drive car to daycare with fan blasting windshield.
  14. No further incidents on 8-minute drive to the school.
  15. Drop off child, take down names of kids for future Valentine's card-exchange, look for grocery list.
  16. Decide to cancel grocery shopping because it starts snowing again.
  17. Get home.
  18. Plan on drinking coffee, lurking in blogworld, and start looking for keys.
  19. Coffee is cold.
  20. Phone is flashing, voicemail.
  21. Husband left message he has my keys.
  22. Men.
  23. Can't call him back because he is an airline pilot.
  24. Call neighbour to schedule pick-up at daycare in her car.
  25. About to go out to take carseat out of my car when an urgent email appears from daughter of next-door neighbour.
  26. Next-door neighbour is sick again, and needs to call a cab to take her to emerg.
  27. Could I keep an eye out to see if the cab appears.
  28. Call neighbour. She's 86. Been sick on and off since August.
  29. She asks me to call the cab.
  30. Called cab for her, then go over to see if she can walk, breathe, etc.
  31. Help her to the cab and send her off.
  32. Can't accompany her due to keylessness and daycare situation.
  33. Email daughter back that I put her mom in the cab, they're on the way.
  34. Correspond with her for a few minutes to calm her down.
  35. Coffee still cold.
  36. Jump in shower, feel headache coming on.
  37. Come out of shower, Germany on IM, we chat about my exciting, eventful morning.
  38. See neighbour pulling into driveway for daycare pick-up.
  39. It stopped snowing and the sun is out.
  40. She still wants to take me to the daycare.
  41. Lock front door.
  42. Leave by back door, install carseat in her car, go to daycare for pick-up.
  43. Hang out until Ben comes out of classroom.
  44. Come home, take out carseat of neighbour's car, throw it in backseat of my car.
  45. Listen to usual 5-minute whine about having to go inside and have lunch.
  46. Make lunch.
  47. Eat lunch with child.
  48. Child is now watching a video and will (hopefully) have a nice long nap.
  49. Made tea.
  50. Blogged this.


piglette said...

sounds like a busy morning! and you only stopped at lunch =) I was just clicking the "next blog" button and came across yours. very interesting motherhood experiences. good job!

CL said...

Well...yes. That was an interesting morning. Thank you for stopping by!