Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tea cravings

Currently I drink massive amounts of decaf tea. This is mainly to keep from eating massive amounts of chocolate.

I crave comfort foods. Always happens when winter comes. And today, for the first time THIS winter, we have snow too!

note 1: It's been unseasable warm in the south-western Ontario area for the month of January, so a bit of fluffy white stuff is actually welcomed by some.

note 2: There isn't enough fluffy white stuff to warrant taking out the shovel, but it does look nice when rooftops and dead grass are covered with it.

So what's one to do when all this cool, wintery weather appears? Well, I made a pot of tea, and thought about the chocolate I don't have in the house.

Anyway, while shopping at Loblaws earlier, a place I rarely visit but had an inkling to do today, I hesitated picking up a nice container of orange-cranberry scones. Pushed the cart back to the display shelf a couple of times, but didn't cave to the crave.


I should have bought them. Despite of the unpronouncable ingredient list.

I had nothing to eat with my tea, so I had to toast two frozen waffles. Spread them with unsalted butter, and maple syrup.

It was good, but the scone would have gone better with my seven cups of tea.

Maybe I'll bake another cake for tomorrow's emergency craving.

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