Friday, January 12, 2007

Naming the nutty household

There is someone who has a very clever way of disguising her real name. I like her innovation, it's cute, and I hope she doesn't mind that I noticed and mentioned it here.

She calls herself Miche (which may or may not be her real name, I have no idea) and she has a blog which I have stumbled across on occasion. What's clever is that she calls the hubby Mr. Miche, and the child WeeMiche. Not sure if the child is a wee boy or a wee girl, haven't spent too much time visiting her blog, but how adorable!

Anyway. When I started blogging I was naively unaware how addictive this pastime can become. My original intention was to journal my thoughts and ramblings primarily for myself, and possibly for an odd friend or family member should they be so inclined to visit my blog during bouts of procrastination.

Then I got a comment or two, so I added a site meter.

My site meter tells me that I do have a few hits, which brings up the whole privacy issue. Which brings me back to the clever Miche name-calling.

So I start thinking about what I should be calling our household. I named my blog Nutty Notes, since 'nutty' is how I feel often, and Looney Bin didn't quite suit the purpose.

But I called myself and the others by 'normal' names. Not interesting ones like some bloggers have come up with.


If I were to follow Miche's example, I could come up with an assortment of plausible names:

  • I could be the Head-nut, the Nutress, Ms. Nutty or simply the Nutcase. (ha)
  • My little guy would be the Wee-nut, or the Little-nut.
  • Hubby could be....well, I won't go there today.
  • And the dog? Nuttmutt? (HA)

Anyway, I thought I'd run this by the blog. Perhaps someone will respond, or comment, perhaps this will just be another nutty note to fly aimlessly around the blogsphere.

I will send Miche a note that I wrote this though. Since I started a dog-poop-in-ordinary-non-biodegradable-plastic-bag commentary. That was supposed to be a comment about a Zero Garbage post by Miche but ended up somehow causing Andrea at the fishbowl to wonder how it connected to her no-shopping contest.


1 comment:

Miche said...

Hi CL. I'm glad to hear you like my naming convention! However, I don't think that so called 'normal' names are boring at all. We write what we feel. And if you feel 'normal' more power to you! (What is normal, really, anyway?)