Friday, January 26, 2007

Exciting (cold) night

Of course furnaces never break down during mild weather. Ours, less than 3 years old, decided to give up its igniter ghost sometime during the day yesterday.

The nighttime temperatures measured something like -27°C.

To make a long story short, a few strategically placed space heaters kept the night fairly comfortable. After all, we were still indoors and protected from the elements. But naturally, the coldest night of the year also caused a resurfacing of my post-nasal-dripping-cough thereby pissing hubby off enough that he donned some longjohns and his housecoat and stomped off to sleep on the couch. Something about needing six uninterrupted hours of sleep in order to be able to fly the damn airplane the next day.

And predictably, not only did the darling toddler go to sleep more than an hour after his usual bedtime, what with his parents running around with extension cords and painters tape and funny looking noisy towers that emit hot air, but he also decided to whine and cry twice during the night. Finally took him to bed with me since hubby wasn't coming back to my bed anyway.

He wakes up a second time because he lost his Nuggi. Since I couldn't find it reaching around I had to get up, walk through the coldish house to his room, find the backup pacifier, walk back, resettle him and try to get warm and comfy enough to get another couple of hours of rest.

Not to be.

Felt wetspot between legs.

Get up again, go to frigid bathroom, turn on light (now I'm really awake) notice blood stains along new longjohns, underwear, down the leg, blah.

Take everything off, place in cold water (more cold), leave bathroom light on to go stumble around in bedroom closet to find new bottom-fitting garments, succeed, turn off light, and go back to bed.

Guess what? Toddler is sitting up now.

Guess what else? Dog thinks it's time to get up now.

Aim without success to resettle all just in time for hubby to get up, coffee maker to kick in, and lights to be turned on.

Sleep is overrated anyway.

PS Furnace guy (brother-in-law aka "unca Kevin") came by at 6 am, and we had heat minutes later. Drink hot coffee, take hot shower, drop toddler off at daycare for morning, pick up groceries, pick up toddler, put whiny tired miserable sack of potatos in his crib, and let him have his blissful, four-hour afternoon nap.

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