Thursday, January 18, 2007

A different kind of toilet training

I have two separate toilet training occasions to blog about today. The first one is about this:

The second one is about Pull-Ups.


We found some nice fresh dog poop on our front yard today. This is not the first time nor will it likely be the last.

We have a dog. We pick up after our dog.

What do I have to do to get ignorant people to pick up after their pets on private properties, on walkways in public parks, on sidewalks for god's sake? Supply the bags???

Ok. Next.

Second: (warning, there is some serious mother-pride ahead)

My 22-month old toddler made pipi in the toilet today. At his school! (daycare)

We've been doing semi-regular toilet training for some time now. He has a seat for the big toilet and he has a potty.

He pees in the toilet often enough that it felt appropriate to mention to his teacher at his school. His class is comprised of one-and-a-half to three-year old toddlers (Montessori) and during washroom routine, there is opportunity to expose the younger children to the older children's "methods".

Today he must have felt included enough to try it out himself, and he succeeded!

So we stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart on the way home and got some astronomically priced pull-up diaper-undies to try out. The teacher suggested we try this and see what happens.

I'm not convinced this will be a regular routine for him, or that he will continue to pee in the toilet at school. I have blogged enough about his toilet training adventures in this blog to know that we may take a step forward but inevitably take two or more back.

He may regress. He may refuse to try. Or, he may proceed and improve for all I know.

But I am proud today. And encouraged.

PS note to self: I am happy that it was me who showed him the ins and outs of pipi in the toilet. For him to feel secure enough with his bodily functions to try it out at school reinforces my self-esteem about this mothering thing.

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