Friday, May 04, 2007

Toddler shoe shopping

Actually, the title is deceiving. Benjamin was fine. He was well behaved and enjoyed trying on two pairs of sandals, with and without socks.

It's the stupid chick with the ladder I would have liked to smack around a bit.

So we're at the end of the aisle, back where the wall is, trying on shoes. I placed Ben's shoes and socks which he wore to the store aside, next to one aisle, and the boxes of sandals we were contemplating buying on the other side.

A lady was halfway down the same aisle browsing the women's shoes.

There were two of those seat things with the mirrors that customers can sit on situated in between the lady browsing and us.

While watching Ben walk around with the one pair of sandals, I see in my peripheral vision a sales woman pushing a ladder on wheels. She's coming up our aisle, but is still beyond the browsing lady.

I figure most people have enough common sense to stay out of the way of a toddler trying on shoes, so I don't give it another thought.

As Ben changes direction and walks off in the perpendicular direction to the aisle we were in, I get bumped from behind.

Yes, you guessed it. The chick with the ladder.

Not only did she bump me ("sorry, I didn't see you there"), but she rode over Ben's socks and shoes. She also barely made it past those seat things that were there for the customers to sit on should they be so inclined.

I just turned aorund and said to her: "can't you go the other way"?

She mumbled something about not seeing us or our stuff there. Apparently, an adult, a toddler, shoes and boxes of sandals are invisible. Not the mention the two seat thingies (what are those called anyway?) she had to maneuver around.

I just packed up and left without the sandals.

Too bad really, since the sandals fit and were a decent price too.

I'm really pissed off.

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