Thursday, May 31, 2007

More on e-post

Maybe I'm losing it. Could be because I haven't "worked" outside the home surrounded by adults in years.

Maybe all this baby-talk/toddler-talk that I thought I was enjoying is making my brain to MUSH.

But after attempting to make my life easier what with all the paper statements and bills coming into this house, and e-post not working as well as I had expected, we (he and I) had a, um, loud discussion.

I may have used a couple of phrases in my uproar that my little toddler now repeats occasionally. Out on the porch for the neighbours to hear.

Not good.

Maybe I should go back to hurling spoons at him (the hubby, not the toddler).

Anyway. I had tried to make the water bill paperless. It wouldn't let me. It wasn't until after our "loud discussion" that I realized I selected the wrong Hydro title of the bill from the pull-down selection.


AND, although I did succeed in making one of the bank statements paperless, I read in the agreement fine print that a $2 charge would apply. I figured, since it will make my life easier having one less statement to file (or place on a pile in a room to be filed at some point later in life) I could live with the fee.

Well, hubby had a fit.

"Another two bucks? They already charge us an arm and a leg in fees" etc.

He had a point but I was so pissed off at a) my oversight, b) the fact that he didn't appreciate that this would make my life, and therefore his life by default, easier, and c) that he was right, sort of, that I just lost it.

Like I said, I could have handled it better. Throwing spoons when the little guy wasn't looking or hurling insults when he wasn't in the house, for example.

He ended up picking up the phone and calling the bank, and here's what's getting me even more:

I misread that fine print too! The charge I was referring to was applicable to people who update their bank books at the machine.

I can't even remember the last time I had a bank book, much less update it at a bank machine.

So the chick at the bank told him that there was no additional charge, and the paperless statement remains paperless.

The good news is, I got some of the bills moved to e-post.

The bad news is that Ben now knows certain phrases which I hope he won't repeat at daycare.


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Andrea said...

Oh, did you read about this little guys statements in public? As long as Baby B. does not yell his statements to the neighbours... you are still doing fine!
And no, you are not loosing it, you are simply pregnant and that means your body is working overtime causing you to oversee some things...
So lean back and enjoy the ride, it will last a few more months!