Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dumping liquids

This is becoming a favorite habit.

So I'm running his bathwater, and step out quickly to get a towel. I come back into the bathroom and there is the little dumper, pouring a 900 ml bottle of bath bubbles into two inches of bathwater.

The entire bathtub was pink, slimy, and smelled like bubblegum or something of the sort.

Good thing I buy the cheap stuff at No Frills.

* * *

Yesterday I buy him a new bottle of bubbles. I tighten the lid, and place it on the patio table. I leave to go get something, and when I come back....yes. Half the bottle of bubbles is on the deck.

I managed to salvage the other half.

* * *

What is this fascination with pouring? I'm in the habit now of saving every interesting-looking container for him so he can pour to his heart's content. In the bath, outside when the weather is warm enough, eventually at the pool.

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Melissa R. Garrett said...

Yes ~ we've lost many soaps and shampoos to our own little dumper. We have to remember to remove all the bottles from the bath when Bridget is in there. Like you said, all it takes is just a minute of unsupervised activity!