Thursday, May 17, 2007

Random this and that

My editor accepted my article. She sent my invoice to accounting. I'm going to get a paycheck for this work. Yay.

I have phone calls to make to people who have been trying to reach me. I'm putting it off because the sun is shining and I have to pick up Benjamin at daycare.

Hubby left for a fishing trip for four days. Benjamin saw the car with canoe and trailer with fishing boat and said "I'm coming" and "I'm sishing too". His lip pushed forward and his eyes filled with tears when daddy and the guys left him behind.

The sun is shining, but it's cool out there. Maybe I will plant some more stuff in my garden. Maybe not.

I must, must, must vaccuum the livingroom. Maybe I'll do it later.

I have been eating consistently since 10 am. I've had breakfast, snack, lunch and snack. It's 10:41 am.

The food I've been eating should not make me fat or induce me with gestational diabetes. I made a Chickpea Salad a few days ago and simply stuffed the leftovers in a greek pita with some torn lettuce. Had four pieces in all.

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