Sunday, May 27, 2007

Crappy day

I am almost as worn out as the toddler is.

We have had something to do every single day this week, with visiting and playing and people and kids. So today, with the weather being crappy and rainy, we're taking a down-day.

Toddler's crashed on the couch, and I'm finally uploading some pics to flickr. Just in case the laptop decides to give up its ghost. Wouldn't want to lose those memories.

Daddy left in a huff to go to work.

He's in a huff because I threw a spoon at him.

I threw a spoon at him because I'm pissed off because the plumbing underneath the kitchen sink is busted and has been for months, years, who knows. No matter what we do it keeps leaking all over the kitchen floor. We may have to replace all of the plumbing underneath there, but will he call a plumber? No. He hates dealing with anything house-maintenance related.


I know nothing about plumbing. I figure since I do all of the house maintenance around here, he could volunteer to take on this one little project. All he has to do is call a reputable plumber or a friend who is plumber-inclined, and get the fucking thing fixed.

If he doesn't do it tomorrow I'm going to call the most expensive plumber I can find and have the entire kitchen sink ripped out and, depending on how hormonal I feel then, replace it not just with new plumbing, but also with a shiny, expensive dishwasher.


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