Sunday, May 20, 2007

More on poop, and pee

He knows all about poops in the toilet.

But he doesn't poop in the toilet. He doesn't poop in the potty either.

So if the poops are dry enough, I dump them from the diaper into the toilet in front of him and he gets to say goodbye and flush them away. So he KNOWS where the poops are supposed to go.

Now, when we change a poopy diaper, he says "no more poops in diapers".

Waiting anxiously for warmer weather so I can stick the potty outside and have him be at least dry during the day by the end of summer.

He does however pee in the potty at home semi-regularly, and on his own. Meaning, I don't have to ask him to go. All I have to do is get him naked, or at least bare bottomed, and if he has to go, he goes to the potty. He also cleans out the potty himself, by taking the cup thing and pouring it down the toilet, and flushing the pee away.

Sometimes, when I change his diaper prior to dropping him off at his classroom at school, I sit him on the toilet there and he pees.

It is happening....

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