Thursday, March 01, 2007


I used to make lists. I love lists.

Then I stopped.

It seems that there are just too many pieces of free floating papers flying around this place.

Just yesterday, while in semi-slumber, I woke up in a panic that I may have misplaced the little piece of paper my doctor gave me with her pager number on it, in case she needs to arrange a rhogam shot for me. Found it, and stapled it to my calendar.

There are piles of paper that need to be sorted to the left of me right now, and to the right of me as well.

My mom, with her good intentions, keeps certain pieces of junk mail, German newspapers, or clippings of interest for me which then take up residence in my already paper filled home, to be read at some point.

I do get around to reading it sooner or later. Usually later.

But enough already.

Every single moment I take a walk through my house these days I see a bunch of stuff that needs my immediate, or sometimes not so immediate attention.

I plan in my head to get to it during daycare, nap time, etc, but it doesn't happen.

Like for example, Benjamin is in daycare right now and I don't have to leave for another 20 minutes to pick him up.

But am I currently sorting through pieces of paper? Or making lists?


I'm blogging instead.

So, in order not to discredit the time it takes to write and post this blog, I'm going to publish my list in here.

Rules for self:

  1. I reserve the right to add to the list at will.
  2. I reserve the right to cross off items that have been successfully completed.
  3. I reserve the right to ignore the list but recommend I do not do that.
  4. I will start right now:

To do list for the remainder of this week:

  • Plan shopping list for supper and cake on Sun, and include other groceries to last us through to next Friday
  • Follow up with Brian about Ministry of Health contract job Check 12:41
  • Tidy up crap in living room
  • Replace microwave into its rightful spot and start using it. Check 12:17 (If microwave fails, take it out and throw it on the front lawn where someone will pick it up. Then write a nasty letter to Sears and Kenmore.)
  • Finish letter for Muschi; she's desperately waiting for the photos
  • Dust bedroom, and tidy crap on shelves in there
  • Get clothes and toys ready to bring to Once Upon a Child next month for sale
  • Finish DotMom query and send it already
  • Dust Billy Bookcase
  • Organize paperwork for taxes
  • Take soup bones out of freezer and make the friggin' soup already
  • Reduce coffee consumption
  • Follow up with Dr. E's office for test confirmation

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hi. you might want to visit to share & archive your lists...seems like you might like it!