Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rüeblitorte (Swiss Carrotcake)

Today I baked a Swiss style carrotcake.

What's different about this type of carrot cake compared to the North American ones is that
a) there is much less sugar and icing involved, and
b) there is very little flour included in the ingredient list.

The cake consists mostly of carrots, almonds and eggs. It's very moist and flavourful, and preferable without icing, or with just a touch of lemony icing sugar poured over it.

And, it tastes better the next day.

For details, recipe and conversions (grams to cups) see my food blog Quick Slow Food.

The challenge today was to let Benjamin help without causing me too much of a mess and grief. He's been a little on the rambunctious side, and after his little friend Sebastian was over for a visit, not exactly docile. In fact, the way Benjamin acts at home with visitors is the complete opposite of how he behaves when he's visiting other people. At home, he's rough, hyper, overly excited and not always nice to the other kid(s).

At their house, he's a model child. Go figure.

Note to self: find a way to positively reinforce good behaviour when he gets out of control.

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