Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sorrow drowning

Right now the only thing I want to do is go to Starbucks, order a tall latte, and drown my sorrows.

I want to read all about how superwoman Angelina can do it all (having $ helps).
I want to read all about why so-and-so is wearing their hair this way this week.
I want to look at expensive gadgets that beautiful homes need to display (not mine).
I want to sit and feel sorry for myself.

Hubby is pissed off at me. He says I need to find a way to make an income so we can get ahead. He's pissed off at me because some chick called me during my flu days and left a message about how I'm a good fit as a Quality Assurance Proofreader.

Took me till middle of last week just to get myself back on track with my health, then the rest of the week to clean up the house that has severely suffered neglect during my illness. My health is almost back to normal but I'm suffering from pregnancy-related discomforts (mostly nausea) so I've been procrastinating. The house is only half cleaned up. Most of the laundry is done though....check that.

Then "he" was sick and hovering around me, picking at me to call her back. Made me irritated.

Then there was the 2-year old who was just so happy to have his mommy back on the floor surrounded by lego. After abandoning him to grandma's house for a weekend, how can I neglect him further?

I'm tired.


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