Friday, March 02, 2007

List continued

My to do list which I started yesterday continues here:

Repeat of rules for self:

  1. I reserve the right to add to the list at will.
  2. I reserve the right to cross off items that have been successfully completed.
  3. I reserve the right to ignore the list but recommend I do not do that.
  4. I will start right now:

To do list for the remainder of this week:

  • Plan shopping list for supper and cake on Sun, and include other groceries to last us through to next Friday Check 1:01 Fri
  • Follow up with Brian about Ministry of Health contract job Check 12:41 Thurs
  • Tidy up crap in living room In progress 1:01 Fri
  • Replace microwave into its rightful spot and start using it. Check 12:17 Thurs (If microwave fails, take it out and throw it on the front lawn where someone will pick it up. Then write a nasty letter to Sears and Kenmore.)
  • Finish letter for Muschi; she's desperately waiting for the photos
  • Dust bedroom, and tidy crap on shelves in there
  • Get clothes and toys ready to bring to Once Upon a Child next month for sale Check 1:01 Fri
  • Finish DotMom query and send it already
  • Dust Billy Bookcase
  • Organize paperwork for taxes
  • Take soup bones out of freezer and make the friggin' soup already
  • Reduce coffee consumption Working on it
  • Follow up with Dr. E's office for test confirmation Check. It's official. 1:01 Fri.
  • new Remove hooks on doors, fill in with polyfilla, replace hooks on thicker part of doors
  • new Paint doors
  • new Organize backdoor shelves
  • new Plan new menu for Sun, as additional family member is now coming
  • TBA

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