Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sorrow drowning completed

Well...not exactly completed. But I did have the latte. A GRANDE, not some wimpy tall one.

Glanced at the magazines. There was a fascinating picture of Katie with Suri. Apparently they decided to write about what it's like "inside Katie's prison".

Didn't pick it up though.

Seems Jen has a new man.

Didn't pick that up either.

Her hair hasn't changed in years.

Walked through the gadget section. Got bored.

Glanced at the parenting section. Bored.


Still bored.

And hungry.



Melissa R. Garrett said...

The pits, I say. I think you had every right to drown your sorrows in a grande latte.

I'm sending you a virtual hug as I know exactly how you are feeling, aside from the morning sickness. But with my three, I did my fair share of toilet hugging and can imagine what you are going through.

CL said...

Well thank you! I'm feeling a bit better....I did gorge on two doughnuts today, which gave me a short burst of extra energy. Perhaps a sugar crash is coming soon....

Thank you for your kind words!