Saturday, March 03, 2007

History lesson

I never really liked history, truth be told. The way they taught Canadian history in highschool didn't exactly evoke the kind of thirst for more knowledge that is supposed to be happening. Although it is questionable if any public school system these days evokes thirst for knowledge...but that's another day's rant.

Then one day, I saw this book on a library shelf:

This book is fantastic! It is, in a sense, a book about Canadian history, but it focuses on the culinary aspects of the early settlers who came from everywhere, particularly Europe. It talks about the customs that people were used to, the pioneering adjustments that were inevitable due to the completely different nature of the environment, and many other interesting tidbits.

There is a mention of several cookbooks that I would love to get my hands on one day. Perhaps one day I will search for this book and buy it to add to my library.

If anyone is interested in food, and/or in Canadian history, this is a highly recommended reading pleasure.

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Robin said...

I never had an interesting history teacher in school so I was always bored in that class.

In my junior year in high school my U.S. History teacher talked about golf.....for 45 minutes every day. My class was full of athletes but no one played golf so he called us a bunch of wimps.

I have never liked history. How odd that I married a history buff. Rich knows everything about history. Anything I know,I learned from him over our 12 year marriage!

The world needs interesting history teachers!!!