Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The effects of non-organic meat on toddler poop

Disclaimer: If the mention of poop offends you, stop reading now.

We buy most of our meat from a reputable butcher. He gets his meat from farms who treat their animals the traditional way. Chickens from the Mennonites, beef from a farmer who is letting his cattle graze on pastures, no additives, antibiotics, etc.

Meat doesn't have to be certified organic to be good for you.

Did you know that a single pound of pre-packaged ground beef, purchased at a local supermarket, is made from up to 200 cows? I recall mention of this in Fast Food Nation, a book that describes in excrutiating detail the mistreatment and complete disrespect of animals grown to feed the North American public. (note: this is not a direct quote, only a vague recollection)

They combine beef from hundreds of animals and grind it together to make ground beef which is then packaged and sold at grocery stores, or shipped to places like McDonalds.

The traditional way of making ground beef is to go to a butcher, ask for ground beef, and the butcher then selects an apropriate slab of meat and places it into the grinder. One piece of meat (from one cow) becomes purer ground beef.


The other day, we purchased ground beef from the grocery store. We just haven't had time to go to our favorite butcher.

I made chili and spaghetti sauce.

Both of which my toddler likes.

Then, he developed diaper rash.

He never has diaper rash.

He's never had diaper rash.

I blame the ground beef. I truly believe that this is true.

Ben pooped twice that morning, within 20 minutes, and I was barely able to clean him up from all that sticky, smelly mess. He didn't let me either, and once I saw the rash I realized why. All that rubbing must have hurt him.

So I threw him in the shower. The lukewarm water on his bum was tolerated better, and I was able to wash with soap, and rise off directly with the detachable showerhead.

Then I applied a thick coat of baby bum lotion (Gerber I think) to prevent further discomfort.

It just makes me so sad that our respect for the food on our table has become practically non-existant.

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