Saturday, April 28, 2007


I have a nice big bruise on the inside of my arm and it's really sore. And blue. The swelling doesn't hide the vein either, which protrudes but didn't bleed at the time. Maybe I'm slowly bleeding to death internally. And all because I wanted to be proactive and carry the full laundry basket down the stairs. Missed the last step, tripped and fell. I can barely touch my arm.

Although an arm injury is probably better than a miscarriage or some other issue with the pregnancy.

The last time I had the same accident was when I was over 6 months pregnant with Ben. Twisted my ankle. He's here now so obviously nothing happened with that pregnancy either.

Perhaps I will refrain from doing laundry from now on.

The toddler had an accident too. Can't remember if he had his before I had mine or after, but he sat on a large truck which moved forward and he fell backwards and smacked his head on the hardwood floor. Cried for a good half hour and fell asleep in my arms. At 11 am. Three hours before naptime.


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Melissa R. Garrett said...

OH! Scary stuff! Glad you are okay (relatively speaking).