Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Toilet training part 3

So I'm actually trying to be proactive here. During my first (ha!) cup of coffee I strip the child and leave his almost fully wet diaper on. I'm patiently waiting for the poop to come so I don't waste another diaper. I diligently follow him around, I watch for signs of straining and contorted facial expressions, and encourage him to poop in the diaper/potty/toilet for half an hour.

I'm not exactly enjoying my cup of coffee.

But does he poop?

I'm still waiting.

He ALWAYS poops right after his milk in the morning.

He's now eating toast with cream cheese and orange slices. His diaper is soaking wet.

But no poop.

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Manic Mom said...

OK, I'm totally laughing at this one. I remember those soggy, soggy diapers. I even think with my first kid, he would poop but for some odd reason I didn't think it was necessary to change him right away.

Hell, what did I know?