Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bleeding lip

My toddler managed to cut his lip open today.

It's not the first time this happened to him in his young, 21-month old life. But it is more serious than last time. Not so serious to warrant a visit to the emergency, but plenty of crying and a bit of blood. No lost teeth though...

This is what happened:

He pushes this little three-legged stool around the house because it makes noise and seems like fun. Until one of the legs catches in the vent built into the floor (our house was built in 1950), and the stool falls sideways with the baby landing on top. Naturally one of the legs catches him by the mouth and somehow causes his lip to burst open.

It didn't help that the little monkey didn't want to nap today. Add (+) tired baby to (+) pushing furniture at high speed around the house and that inevitably equals (=) ACCIDENT.

I should have paid closer attention.

The last time he cut his lip open was on his first day of daycare. If I recall correctly (and I do since I documented this event), he didn't sleep that night. At 17 months, he had accomplished many tasks, including walking up and down the stairs fairly competently. How was I to know that he would pick his first day of daycare to fall head-first down the steps and cut his lip open? Well, he managed to do exactly that. But there was a lot less blood than there was today, and I made the decision to take him to school regardless.

Today's accident is likely not going to be his last one. He has recently acquired a hockey helmet, double-bladed skates, and a Team Canada hockey jersey.

I say to myself:

Welcome to the land of boys.

Or is it, toddlers?

Either way, I'm bracing myself for the unpleasant experience of seeing my baby meet with various types of accidents again.


Nan said...

He is SO cute!! :^D

CL said...

Why thank you!! Happy 2007! Claudette