Friday, December 22, 2006

Marble magnets

I made these because I saw the idea on a website/blog and I got addicted. EASY! The Swiss ones are going to my parents for Christmas. I got the imagines out of magazines and old greeting cards, including Christmas cards.

For instructions on how to make these, click here


Manic Mom said...

OK, very cute! Tell us how you made them! Had I known about this before Dec. 23, I would have made some for friends!

I envision some Starbucks magnets, some with appetinis, wine glasses--very cute!

CL said...

Well manic mom, if you happen to come back to this site, you'll notice I placed a link with instructions for these magnets in the post. You may have missed making some for this Xmas but Valentine's is coming and there's always next Xmas, or birthdays, or just to have some for yourself, like those Starbucks ones....Have fun!