Sunday, December 31, 2006


We watched the Spengler Cup on TV today. The Swiss team was playing the Canadian team, and Pat Quinn (ex Maple Leaf head coach) was there. This was significant because I am Swiss (and Canadian) and much of my maternal side of the family still resides in Switzerland. My uncle happens to love playing and watching hockey.

The Swiss won.

The Canadians lost.

My uncle was probably very ecstatic.

My hubby less so.

My hubby loves hockey. He played till University when he hurt his back. Now that we have a (gasp) son, there have been some subtle attempts at getting him introduced to the world of skating aka hockey.

Benjamin is only 21 months old. But he's go this ITEC helmet and his double-bladed bob skates, and a nice Team Canada jersey as is evident in yesterday's Bleeding Lip post.

There are several rinks, including outdoor ones, within walking and driving distance to our house. We went to an outdoor rink right next to the very moody lake Ontario.

The skating itself was a non-event. There was a very distracting huge big orange tractor-like machine sitting next to the rink. This captured Ben's attention beyond anything that was happening on the ice.

We'll try again next time, maybe inside an arena.

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