Monday, October 08, 2007

Day off

This is what I'm eating for breakfast right now.
Brought back all the way from Switzerland by my mom.
I'm eating it in bed.
With the laptop on my lap.
And a coffee on the shelf beside me.

Grosmami took Benjamin home last night, for two days. He gets to, as so aptly put by my friend in Germany, be a "real little boy" there.

It has been hard here for him. I try to keep him busy and occupied but it's been difficult with the big belly, the fatigue, the stress, the renos, the dirt, and the need and want to get ready for the new baby.

He will have fun with grandma and nonno. They play with him, they take him to the park, the woods, the store, the neighbours.

They get to bond with him. He is their only grandchild who lives in the same general vicinity; the other two live on the west coast of this grand continent.

And I had a great night. A long night, with minimal pee breaks.

So today I can muster up enough energy to get some more cleaning done, laundry, and packing up crap to take to the storage.

And plan some fun activities for Ben for the remainder of the week.

This will be our last week alone together.
A new baby will be here next week.
In some ways, I'm kind of sad that this phase is ending...

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