Thursday, October 04, 2007


In light of all my recent complaining, I have summarized the good stuff for a change:
  • I am 9.5 months pregnant, and looking forward to ending this thing once and for all
  • I peed less and slept more last night than I have in the past month
  • My basement is gutted and unfinished but my contractors are showing up to work
  • My steps at the front door look unfinished but seem to be progressing as well
  • My plumber is coming tonight to install the dishwasher and fix the kitchen sink
  • My husband is getting paid from his new job
  • Our extended health care coverage is kicking in today, which means I could technically speaking have access to things like drugs, vision care, hearing care, hospital care etc as of right now
  • The new washer and dryer are in house, just need to be hooked up
  • The crib, which was missing a screw, will be put together today since I went out and bought a screw today
  • My cold is still here but better (or so I tell myself)
  • I got my eyebrows waxed today
  • Benjamin tried (TRIED) to poop in the potty today but didn't. Trying is all we ask.


Miche said...

Hurray for more sleep and recognizing positive things in our lives!

Andrea said...

This is better than Karma!