Thursday, June 07, 2007


And since I'm on a rampage about the clutter:

I never realized just how much time I would be spending in the kitchen once the child grew into an eating (as opposed to nursing) person.

Look, I always did a lot of cooking. We like good, wholesome, homecooked meals, and that means


food and then the inevitable cleaning up.

But with a small child who is growing like a weed mealtimes are not only important, they are never-ending it seems. Adults can open the fridge and grab something, and rinse the dish out themselves, but toddlers? They need their stuff cut up, placed on little plates, bladibla. After all, you want them to develop decent eating habits, not to mention some manners.

Perhaps a dishwasher would help my situation, perhaps not.

I just get tired sometimes. It seems that no matter what I do all day, each time I go through any part of the house, somthing food-related is bound to cross my path.

So...instead of sitting here bitching about the dishes, I should just go and do them, because in less than two hours the little cutie will want his snack, mommy will need her chocolate fix, and daddy will be starting his treck home for supper.

And since we made unofficial plans with the neighbours to have the kids burn energy together after naptime, I should be proactive NOW and not just do the breakfast and lunch dishes (including putting them away) but also get at least part of the supper prepared, maybe have the salad ready to go....perhaps I could have a casserole ready to shove in the oven...

Ok. Dishes. On my way.

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Andrea said...

We started out with a Pete-o-mat doing the dishes fine.

Then it turned into a Mom-o-mat.

Now it is sometimes a kid-o-mat.

Cheaper than any dishwasher? Perhaps.